What Size Disc Can a 25 HP Tractor Pull?- A Guide to Safe and Efficient Use

What Size Disc Can a 25 HP Tractor Pull?

What Size Disc Can a 25 HP Tractor Pull?- A Guide to Safe and Efficient Use

What Size Disc Can a 25 HP Tractor Pull?(Short Answer)

Recommended disc sizes for 25 HP tractors generally fall between 14-16 inches, although 18 inch disc sizes might be manageable under specific soil conditions and need to be handled carefully. Any disc sizes exceeding 18 inches should generally not be recommended on 25 HP tractors.


  • Diameter and weight: The larger discs need greater power, which makes 14-16 inches the standard size for 25 HP tractor. The smaller 14-inch discs are suitable for areas with light soil. Those bigger that 18 inches usually not advised.
  • Number of discs: More discs increase the load. Begin with 6 discs, then expand if the tractor can accommodate.

Guidelines For Matching Disc Size To Tractor HP

Matching disc size to tractor horsepower requires careful thought beyond simply considering one number. Here are a few guidelines to assist:

General Ranges:

  • 20-25 HP Ideal for 5-ft harrows using 14-inch discs. lightly sand, and for working in on shallow depths.
  • 25-30 HP can handle 5ft hoes and harrows that have 16-inch discs. 6-ft harrows using 14-inch discs with excellent soil conditions.
  • 30-40 HP The ability to pull 6-foot harrows using 16-inch discs and even 7-ft harrows using 14-inch discs for relatively good soil.

Factors to Adjust:

  • Disc Diameter Take 14-16 inches as the ideal range of 25 HP. You can push into 18 inches on light soil. Bigger sizes are usually not advised.
Tractor Disc Diameter
Source: China Sowing Machine
  • Disks Number: Start with 4-6 and add 1-2 additional when your tractor and the conditions permit. Avoid exceeding 8 discs.
  • Work Width Five-foot hoes would be perfect for 25 HP 6 feet is a possibility in ideal conditions, but be cautious. The larger sizes should not be used.
  • Soil Type Change disc’s size as well as the number of inches based on the difficulty of soil (e.g. smaller if clay is hardpacked).
  • Terrain Areas with hills could need smaller discs than flat terrain.
  • Implementation type: Harrows of different designs require different power requirements. For instructions, consult the manufacturer’s guide.

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Top Tips for 25 HP Tractor

Size it Right:

  • Start small: Choose discs in the 14-16-inch range, particularly for novices or soils with a lot of difficulty. It is possible to manage 18 inches on light soil, however be cautious. Avoid exceeding 18 inches.
  • Count cautiously: Start with 4-6 discs. Add 1-2 additional just in case your tractor can handle the discs flawlessly. Do not push past eight discs.
  • Pay attention to the width. 5 foot harrows can be the ideal area. Think about 6-foot only under good conditions and with extra attention. The larger sizes pose a risk.

Respect the Terrain:

  • Inclines and hills: Choose even smaller discs on flat land to prevent overloading and loss of control.
Tractor on Inclines and hills
Source: Trade Farm Machinery
  • Ground that is uneven: Take extra care and be slow, particularly with bigger discs.

Match the Implement:

  • Check the user manual The different harrow models will require different amounts of power. Be sure to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer’s on your specific model.
  • Be careful with your weight: Avoid heavy and intricate harrows, which exceed the tractor’s capabilities.

Disc size for 35 HP and 33 HP Tractor?

The size of the disc that you need for your tractor with 35 HP and Diesel tractor 33HP is based upon a number of variables:

General Guidelines:

  • Zone of safety: Both tractors discs of 14-16 inches are advised under all soil conditions.
  • Extending the boundaries: 18 inches might be a manageable amount on light soil, but be cautious however, you must be aware of any strain that could be a possibility.
  • Over 18 : Generally not recommended for these tractors with high horsepower because of the increased danger of over-loading.

Number of Discs:

  • Beginning with 4 to 6 discs. You can add more if you want to, depending on your tractor’s capability and the soil’s conditions.
  • Recommended maximum: Avoid exceeding 8 discs for safe operation.

Working Width:

  • Best: 5-foot harrows are the ideal size for both tractor.
  • Alternatives: 6 foot harrows may be able to work in good conditions, but with more caution and attention to the power limits.
  • larger sizes: Generally not advisable because of the potential for problems with overloading and controlling.

What Is The Horsepower Required For Pulling a 20-Foot Disc?

The quantity of power needed for 20 feet of disc harrows varies greatly based on a variety of variables, making an exact solution difficult.

What Is The Horsepower Required For Pulling a 20-Foot Disc?
Source: TractorByNet

But, based on actual farming experiences, online forums as well as industry standards Here’s the breakdown:

Safe Zone:

  • 25-35 HP The majority of farmers suggest this range for discs of 20-foot with average soil conditions. smaller sizes (14-16 inches) as well as discs 4-6 inches in diameter are the best.
  • The limits are being pushed: 40-50 HP might be able to handle light soil using 18-inch discs, and a careful approach However, be prepared for slower plowing and greater stress.

Beyond the limit:

  • 50+ HP It is generally regarded as excessive to a disc of 20 feet except if it’s a high-performance design with fewer discs or has to work in extreme situations. A tractor that is loaded too high can pose a risk and could cause damage to both the machine and its engine.

Real-world examples:

  • John : Pulls a 20-foot diameter Krause disc using 30 HP Case but is more suited to lower speeds and light soil.
  • Sarah : Recommends 40-50 HP for 20-foot discs using Kubota L60s as well as John Deere 5 Ms.
  • Farmers are talking about 35 HP tractors to lightweight discing, as well as 50-plus HP for larger equipment or for hard soil.

What Is The Best Disc Harrow For a Compact Tractor?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you in narrowing the search:

1. Take a look at your tractor

  • Horsepower A majority of small tractors operate in the 20-40 HP area. The harrow’s weight and size with your tractor’s capability.
  • 3-point hitch category Check that the hitch category of your harrow (usually Categories I and II) is the same as the tractor’s.

2. Select the correct size

  • Disk diameter: 14-16 inches is the ideal size for the majority of compact tractor. The 18-inch diameter is a possibility with light soil, but be cautious.
  • Disks to be used: Start with 4-6 discs. You can add more depending on the tractor you are using and the conditions. Avoid exceeding 8 discs.
  • The working width is Five-foot hoarders are perfect for the majority of compact tractor. Take into consideration 6-foot only when you have lightly sand, and be extra cautious.


The final decision of choosing the correct disc size to fit your 25 HP tractor is a complex process that requires more than one solution. Although 14-16 inches is the gold standard, variables like the type of soil, the surface, and the design of the implement have a significant impact. Choose smaller discs or less discs when you face difficult conditions. Prioritize security over all else.

Also, remember to start with a smaller disc and gradually increasing it is the best way to ensure reliable and secure discing using your powerhouse 25 HP. Also, be sure to listen to your tractor’s voice, study the instructions, and try to discover the ideal disc-to-field harmony!

Video Guide:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s the magic number for disc size with my 25 HP tractor?

There’s no magic number! 14-16 inches are recommended for most conditions, but factors like soil, terrain, and implement type matter. Start small and adjust upwards cautiously.

I have hard soil – should I go smaller with discs?

Absolutely! Consider 14-inch discs or even fewer discs for heavy soil to avoid overloading your tractor.

Q: What factors influence the disc size a 25 HP tractor can handle?

Soil type, field conditions, weight of the disc, depth of cultivation required, and tractor stability are key factors influencing the suitable disc size for a 25 HP tractor.

Q: Can I push my 25 HP tractor with 18-inch discs?

A: Maybe in light soil and with extreme caution. But remember, overloading is dangerous and can damage your tractor. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Q: What happens if I use a disc too large for my tractor?

A: Using a disc harrow that is too large can strain the tractor’s engine, reduce fuel efficiency, compromise stability, and lead to premature wear. Adhering to manufacturer recommendations is crucial to avoid these issues.

Q: How many discs can my 25 HP handle?

A: Start with 4-6 discs and see how your tractor performs. Adding more is possible, but don’t exceed 8 discs to avoid risking your tractor’s health.

Q: 5-foot or 6-foot harrow?

A: Stick with 5-foot harrows for safety. 6-foot might work in perfect conditions, but proceed with extra caution and prioritize smaller discs and fewer discs.

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