Can A Wood Splitter Be Used With Tractor Hydraulic Fluid?-Wood Splitter Fluid Options In 2023

Can a wood splitter be used with tractor hydraulic fluid?

Yes, tractor hydraulic fluid may generally work fine for use with wood splitters. Make use of hydraulic fluid that is labeled “anti-wear” or “AW” with an viscosity of the AW32 viscosity for higher temperatures and AW46 for cooler temperatures. Although hydraulic fluid for tractor could be affordable (around $5-10 per gallon) and convenient (readily accessible … Read more

Are Long Tractors Any Good?-Reviews of All Models

Are Long Tractors Any Good?

Long tractors, sometimes referred to as articulated tractors are basically two tractors that hinge between them at the middle. Their unique design provides them with many advantages over traditional tractor designs, and makes them suitable for special farming requirements. It’s a big tractor! The double-body design allows an impressive length usually ranging from 20 feet … Read more