Are Long Tractors Any Good?-Reviews of All Models

Are Long Tractors Any Good?

Are Long Tractors Any Good?-Reviews of All Models

Long tractors, sometimes referred to as articulated tractors are basically two tractors that hinge between them at the middle.

Their unique design provides them with many advantages over traditional tractor designs, and makes them suitable for special farming requirements.

It’s a big tractor! The double-body design allows an impressive length usually ranging from 20 feet to 30 feet.

Are Long Tractors Any Good?

It depends. If you’re a big-scale farmer who has vast land with demanding requirements for a tractor that is long, it’s the best choice for your reliable steed.

They’re the ultimate symbol of the power of a workhorse. For smaller farms, or jobs that require specialized equipment an advanced tractor could better suit your needs.

Long tractors have defied popularity norms since 1948 despite being among the oldest products available, yet continue to attract significant attention in today’s marketplace. 

While lacking innovation, their robust construction makes for some of the toughest yet most comfortable tractors available; known for their lifting capacity and budget-friendliness they deliver reliable performance at an accessible cost.

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Long tractor benefits
Source: Tractor& Construction Plat Wiki-Fandom

Long Tractor Company:

  • There are no current operating companies identified as “Long Tractor Company.”
  • Two companies from the past manufactured Tractors with”the “Long” brand:
    • Long Manufacturing Company (1948-2008): Primarily an importer of European tractor, but also constructed its own tractors in the beginning.
    • The Universal Company (1950s-1970s): The company produced “Universal” and “Long” tractors that were based off designs from other companies.

Armitage Equipment:

  • The company is a currently operational used farm equipment dealer located in central Oklahoma established in 1982.
  • Do not produce or sell directly Long tractor. They might occasionally had Long tractor models on their shelves.

Benefits of Long Tractors:

Here is the following  benefits of Long Tractors that clearly define their value, assisting in your decision-making process decide if they’re truly an investment that is worth the money.


Long-tractors are equipped with higher-powered engines, usually exceeding 300-400hp which makes them perfect to tackle tough terrain as well as plowing fields of large size and pulling heavy machinery.

Model examples: Long 850(350hp), Belarus MTZ-2132(330hp)

Maneuverability Master:

In spite of their length they are quick because of the hinge that is at the center that permits the tractor to turn and bend quickly. They’re the ideal choice for narrow spaces or winding rows. They are also great for moving around obstacles easily.

Turning radius: 30-40 feet (Long 610: 32 feet, Belarus MTZ-1221: 38 feet)

Gentle giants:

The weight of their bodies is spread over a wider surface, which reduces soil compaction. This is an important issue for those who wish to keep their soils healthy.

A greater area of weight distribution It reduces soil compaction by 20-30 percent

Model examples: Long 950, Belarus MTZ-2022

Stability Is Improved:

The longer wheelbase gives better stability when riding on uneven or slopes.

Model examples: Long 850, Belarus MTZ-2132

Multi-Functionality With Attachments:

They are able to handle a variety of equipment, such as cultivators, plows, sprayers and trailers.

Model examples: Long 950, Belarus MTZ-2022

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Long tractor attachments
Source: MechanicWiz

Technical Aspect of Long-Tractor:

Exploring the technical side of Long tractors, let’s take a closer look at some key features that make them work so well.

Fuel Efficiency:

The average fuel consumption is between 4-7 miles for each gallon (MPG).

Particular models such as the Long 850 get around 5 MPG. However, the Belarus MTZ-2132 is a little more efficient 6.5 MPG.


Long tractors achieve a perfect equilibrium between comfort and safety with ergonomic designs that allow that allows for a minimum amount of exertion. Although some models might be restricted in space between the pedals and fenders, the option of adjusting seats, particularly in models like the Long 350 and 445 increase the user’s comfort.

Notable features include hands-free power-take-off (PTO) on the Long 445 and 350 models, live PTO capability with a dual-stage clutch that allows for easy track adjustments, and an automatic locking shift for models such as the Long 260-C. This makes transmissions easier as well as improving the overall user experience.

The spacious cabins as well as well-designed controls are all highlighted as important elements of comfort.The Long 950 and Jacto FT 270 are specifically referred to as being models that provide good user ease.


People’s complaints over old models Long models with limited space resulted in the creation of the model 260-C.

The Long 260-C is Long’s largest and most compact tractor. It measures just 9 feet long from the rear tire to the front tires.

The width of the product is 54.4 inches up to 64.4 inches, which makes it extremely space-efficient.

The engine with double-cylinders contributes in reducing its height and increasing its ability to maneuver.

Contrary to the more Long models that have eight-track width adjustments, the 260C features a more compact four-track width adjuster.

The turning radius of long-trailers usually ranges from 30 feet to 40 feet.

The Long 610 manages a tighter turn with 32 feet of travel, and the Belarus MTZ-1221 demands a greater width of 38 feet.


Diesel engines are most used, but gasoline as well as LPG alternatives are also available.

Long tractor engine
Source: Tractor Data

When we looked at Long tractor, we found that the vast majority had Uzina engines. The most noteworthy mentions including the Long 460 that is equipped with a liquid-cooled 3 cylinder diesel engine with the 142.8-cubic-inch piston displacement mechanism with a compression ratio of 17:1. In addition it was noted that Long 360 stood out with its Long 360 stood out with its 2.3 L 142.8 cubic inches, three-cylinder naturally-aspirated diesel engine.

Piston displacements range from 300-600 cubic inches. For example, the Long 750 packs a 450 cubic inches of engine space, and it is the Jacto FT 450 boasts a bigger 540 cu.

Compression ratios can range between 16:1 and 20:1. It is the Long 850 runs at an 18:1 ratio. While the Belarus MTZ-2022 is slightly less 17.4:1 compression.

Diesel engines usually contain 4 to six Cylinders. Long 950 Long 950 comes with a 6-cylinder diesel engine, whereas the Belarus MTZ-1221 is a 4-cylinder configuration.

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Lift Capacity:

Long tractors are equipped with a laudable hydraulic system that includes the 5.75 GPM pump.

The hydraulic configuration can be evident in models such as the Long 260-C model and Long 460.

Despite its extremely small size its Long 260-C’s size is quite small. It can be able to lift 2660 pounds using standard tools.

Lift capacity of long tractor
Source: Tractor Forum

The 3 point lift capacity of the Long 260-C is greater than 70% of its ship’s weight.

Long 460 is the Long 460 model mirrors the similar impressive lift capabilities of the Long 260-C model.

Pump flow rates for hydraulics range from 20-40 grams per minute (GPM). Long 610 pumps 20 GPM. Long 610 pumps 25 GPM and the Jacto FT 270 pushes 35 GPM.

The sizes of control valves range from 2 and 4 including those ranging from 2 to 4 with the Long 750 featuring a 3C valve, and the Belarus MTZ-2132 with two-way valve.

The lifting power typically reaches between 80 and 90 percentage of the tractor’s mass. For instance, the Long 850 lifts 85% of its weight. Likewise, the Belarus MTZ-1221 can manage a greater 88 percent.


The gear count is different based the kind of transmission, ranging from 6-12 to mechanical, and infinity for hydrostatic alternatives. It is the Long 950 uses a 10-gear mechanical transmission. While the Belarus MTZ-1221 uses the hydrostatic transmission that can be continuously adjusted.

The clutch diameter can be a variable that can vary from 30-40 centimeters (Cm). For instance, the Long 610 has a 35 Cm clutch and The Jacto FT 270 features a smaller 40 Cm model.

Long tractors underwent a dramatic modification to the transmission’s design in 1979.Prior to 1979 Long 460 models offered two types of transmission that included triple reverse gears and nine gears forward or double reverse gears which had six gears in the forward direction.

Synchronization between gears 5 & 6 as well as the gears 2, 3 and 5 was a plus in models before 1979.

In 1979, the majority of Long models, including that of the Long 460, adopted a design with double reverse gears as well as eight gears for forward.

Some exceptions such as the 260-Cm 350, and 445 maintained an unison configuration with the double speed gear and the six forward speed gears.

Systems for synchronization remained stable especially in gears 6 and 5,, and gears 3 and 2.

Who Made Long Tractors?

Certain manufacturers have produced long tractors over the course of time Some of them more famous over others

The Originals:

  • Long Manufacturing Company: Located within North Carolina, they were the first company to manufacture long-trailers commercially in 1948. The company was aptly named the model “Long Model A.” The company was inspired by the well-known Farmall H tractor, but they added extra power and a distinctive style.
  • Fahr The Italian company started building long-trailers during the 1950s. They gained an enviable reputation due to the innovative designs they came up with and their powerful engines. The company even sold some of their models in America. United States.

The Importers & Rebadgers:

  • W.R. Long Company: Although they were not directly associated with Long Manufacturing They imported and then rebranded Nuffield tractor models from England in the form of “Long” models in the early 1960s.
  • Farmtrac: This Canadian firm imported and sold long-lasting tractors built by Landini in Italy throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s and offered farmers a greater selection of options and models.

The Modern Players:

  • Belarus: This Belarusian producer produces a new collection of long-lasting tractors that is that are renowned for their low cost and toughness. They are well-liked in Eastern Europe and some developing nations.
  • Jacto The Brazilian company provides a range of long-tractor models that are specifically made for harvesting sugarcane, appreciated for their ability to maneuver as well as fuel efficiency.

It’s important to note that while these are some of the key players, long tractor production has been relatively limited compared to conventional tractors. This is why they’re less common and often considered a niche market.

Are Long Tractors Made By Ford?

No, long tractors are not made by Ford. The only major tractor manufacturer that has ever produced long tractors is Belarus and also based in Tarboro, North Carolina, produced tractors under the “Long” brand from 1948 to 1985.

They only ever made a small number of their own Model A tractors before switching to importing and rebadging tractors from other manufacturers, mainly from Europe and Asia.

Did Ford ever make tractors with a long wheelbase?

Yes, Ford did produce several tractor models with longer wheelbases for specific purposes. For example:

  • Ford 5000: Introduced in 1964, the Ford 5000 was a mid-range tractor popular in Europe. It had a longer wheelbase than the Ford 3000, which made it more stable for heavier tasks.
  • Ford N Series: Produced from 1939 to 1952, the Ford N Series included several models with longer wheelbases, such as the N-6 and N-7. These tractors were designed for heavy-duty work, such as plowing and hauling.

Is Long Tractor Still In Business?

Long Manufacturing Company, the original maker of long tractors, closed shop in 1998; however other companies, like Belarus, Jacto and Farmtrac have continued production of them – Belarus being especially notable and its models still popular throughout Eastern Europe and some developing nations.

Though long tractors may no longer be as common in the U.S. as once was, they remain popular among farmers who appreciate their power, stability, maneuverability and affordability.

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Cost of Long Tractors:

The costs associated with long tractors can differ widely based on various considerations:

Model and Age: Newer models like the Long 950 or Belarus MTZ-2132 tend to cost more than older ones like Long 850 or Belarus MTZ-1221 – expect prices between $50,000 to $150,000 for newly released units.

Used models may be considerably less costly, starting at around $15,000. Of course, depending on their condition and features this will alter their price point significantly.

Horsepower and Features: Tractors with higher horsepower engines and advanced features such as hydrostatic transmission or GPS guidance tend to command a premium in price; for instance, a Long 850 with 350hp might set one back around $70,000 while its bigger brother Long 950 could go all the way up to around $120,000 with 400hp engines and additional features.

  • Long 850 (350hp): $50,000-$70,000 (new), $15,000-$30,000 (used)
  • Long 950 (400hp): $75,000-$120,000 (new), $30,000-$50,000 (used)
  • Belarus MTZ-2132 (330hp): $45,000-$65,000 (new), $10,000-$25,000 (used)
  • Belarus MTZ-1221 (270hp): $40,000-$55,000 (new), $8,000-$20,000 (used)

Long Tractors Reviews

Long 460 Tractor Reviews

Long 460 is a 40 horsepower tractor known for its durability. This  horsepower tractor tackles heavy-duty tasks like plowing large fields and pulling heavy equipment. Owners praise its durability, strong engine, and hydraulic capabilities.

However, its resale value in top running condition at local markets ranges between $2500-3500 in top condition. Mechanical parts online availability was noted as one of its positive attributes due to being built by UTB–UTB models like Montana or Long can often be seen available across US dealerships.

Long 560 Tractor Reviews

The 560 is reliable and productive and is a top performer in terms of fuel efficiency. Its most notable strength is the low cost and availability of spare parts that contribute to its durability. Although it is an old tractor, it has many options.

Even though the hydraulics are not as strong but they can meet all the demands of the job. Furthermore, the simple nature of diesel engines ensures that maintenance and repair work is simple.

Users comment on its good turning radius and compatibility with various implements.

Fuel efficiency: Many reviews mention its surprisingly low fuel consumption for its power class.

Long 445 Tractor Reviews

Long 445 Long 445, produced by Romanian company Tractorul UTB from 1979 to 1992, is a tiny and multi-purpose tractor that is appreciated by hobby farmers and smaller property owners. It has a diesel engine of 45 horses 4 wheel drive, as well as three-point hitch design It is affordable and offers versatility.

Its hydraulic system permits the use of different attachments such as backhoes, loaders as well as mowers, which makes it an ideal tool to perform a range of tasks in agriculture.

The Long 445 is a great choice for tasks such as running a tedder or rake on the field of hay but it’s too heavy for a 10-foot Hay mower. Equipped with a loader, it is able to efficiently handle hay loading. It can take a bit of learning to adjust, but it will integrate the high and low ranges into one shifter that can handle six forward and two reverse speeds, using a 3-speed transmission.

It is recommended to avoid keeping it out in the wet, since water ingress within the transmission’s housing is a problem that has been reported. In spite of this it is cost-effective starting with a cost between $900 and $1500 two units that require only minimal upkeep.

Long 610 Tractor Reviews

I purchased the tractor with the engine failing and then fixed it to allow for harvesting of wood and lawn maintenance. Four-wheel drive is crucial to my woodlot that is hilly. In comparison to my prior Ford 641 model, the Long tractor equipped with the power steering and loader best suits my needs.

I’ve done minor repairs such as tie rod ends, as well as power steering. However, the overall performance is satisfactory. my requirements with no significant cost.

  • Fuel consumption: Some reviews mention its slightly higher fuel consumption compared to smaller models like the Long 460.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Long tractors stand out in the market?

Powerhouse engines, surprising maneuverability for their size, gentle on soil due to weight distribution, improved stability, foldable for easier transport, versatile with attachments.

How powerful are Long tractors in terms of engine performance?

Varies by model, typically exceeding 300hp for tough terrain, large fields, and heavy equipment.

What is the fuel efficiency of Long tractors?

Average 4-7 MPG, varies by model and workload.

Are Long tractors suitable for specific agricultural tasks?

Excellent for large-scale plowing, hauling, minimal soil compaction, uneven terrain, diverse tasks with attachments. Less ideal for small farms or delicate work due to size and potential compaction.

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